ChiroFlow Water Pillow

ChiroFlow Water Pillow For Neck & Upper Back Pain

Chiroflow Waterbase pillows are great for patients with neck and upper back pain!

If you are having a hard time falling or staying asleep then you need to try a Chiroflow pillow tonight!

They are fully customizable and backed up by a sleep from Johns-Hopkins!

Johns Hopkins Sleep Study

For Patients who like a thinner pillow, simply use 2 liters or less of water.

For those who enjoy a thicker pillow add up to 4-5 liters of water.

Levitex Pillow

Levitex pillows offer gravity defying foam technology developed in the UK. When compressed by 25% of its original size, Levitex is soft, comfortable and pressure relieving.

However, at a force of 65% compression, Levitex becomes firm and resistant.

Combine these properties and you benefit from the gravity defying foam technology.

It’s comes in different sizes:

Small – 8cm deep

Medium – 10 cm deep

Large – 12cm deep

Extra Large – 14cm deep