Office Satisfaction Survey

Office Satisfaction Survey

1. Ease of making appointment?

2. Getting care for injury/problem as soon as you wanted it?

3. Getting advice or help when needed during office hours?

4. Our ability to return your calls in a timely manner?

5. Your ability to contact us after hours?

6. Chiropractor's willingness to listen carefully to you?

7. Chiropractor taking time to answer your questions?

8. Effectiveness of our health information materials?

9. Usefulness of our instructions for follow-up care?

10. Chiropractor involved you in making decisions about your treatment?

11. Chiropractor advised you on ways to stay health?

12. Quality of your Chiropractic care?

13. Overall satisfaction with our office?

14. Would you recommend us to others?


Is there anything else you would like to share to help us better serve you in the future?

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