Genetic Testing Procedure

  1. Patient goes to
  2. Select the Basic DNA activation kit. Regular price is $99. Sale price can be $59 during certain times of the year, more common during the Holiday season.
  3. Create a free account and order your kit.
  4. Once the kit arrives at your house, follow the instructions provided from
  5. Once you mail your test kit back, it typically takes 3-4 weeks until your results are processed.
  6. You will receive an email notifying you that your results are ready.
  7. Contact our office at 941-487-0266, and let us know your results are ready.
  8. Integrated Chiropractic will give you instructions on how to collect your RAW data so we can process it through our physician software to decode your specific genes.
  9. Dr. Johnson will then process it though several programs to breakdown your specific genome.
  10. We will then contact you to schedule your follow up appointment to review the findings of your specific genome and discuss how it relates to your biochemistry.