Toxic Aerosol Potpourri

Many of us fly on planes, some of us even fly frequently for work. Recently my wife and I were coming back from a trip to Washington state. We were on  a red eye flight (through the night), and we were trying to get some sleep. Suddenly we were awoken by many other passengers coughing loudly and violently. Just then, the sensation hit us and we both started coughing as well. We saw the flight attendant spraying inside the plane with aerosol potpourri! The smell was also waking up other passengers out of sleep.

The point of this story is to educate patients that many of the products used on a daily basis are very toxic and harmful to our health, especially when used indoors.

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Hives from Laundry Detergent?!?!

You read the title correctly. Here’s a little back story. My wife Kristin and I have been using holistic products for years. Just last year we found our favorite holistic company for household products named Pure Haven. They only have natural products with no toxins, plus they are made in small batches and even have an expiration date. Most products don’t have an expiration date due to toxins, chemicals, and additives added to make them last. Up until this past weekend we’ve only been using Pure Haven laundry detergent. My wife wanted to make my work cloths smell fresh and decided to use a tide power sample that we don’t use normally. After wearing my work cloths I started to become itchy, but didn’t think anything of it. That night when I came home I was completely swollen all over with the worst hives I’ve ever seen. I had remembered back in college I had a previous flare up from a different laundry detergent and it was mild and went away after a day. I saw my dermatologist and took some Benadryl to help with the hives. I noticed by the next day they were getting better. Another night went by and the next morning I woke up only to find now my entire body was covered in hives from head to toe! The dermatologist mentioned that they can come and go for the next 48 hours or so.

The point to this story is that as a society we are poisoning our bodies and environment with these toxic chemicals on our skin and in our bodies on a daily basis. Once you detox your body from these toxins you will begin to feel much better. Increase your water intake, eat healthier meals with vegetables and fruits more often, get outside and exercise, switch all your home products to all natural toxin free products and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel. You can also use an infrared sauna to detox toxins!

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