The Bax-Max lumbar support was designed by an orthopedic surgeon for Chiropractic practices. It is made from Kevlar and is very breathable and only weighs 4 oz! It can be folded for storage and can be carried in a purse, pocket, or any luggage.

It’s perfect for low back pain from disc injuries, arthritis, stenosis, yard work, lifting, moving heavy objects, long periods of standing, gardening, and exercise.

small: 25″-30″

medium: 30″-35″ waist

large: 35″-40″ waist

XL: 40″-45″ waist

XXL: 45″-50″ waist



For those who want more from your lumbar support, look no further than the PCORE lumbar brace! The PCORE is a multi-functional back therapy and support all in one!

It offers infrared therapy, cold therapy, heat therapy, and magnetic therapy.

The PCORE is made of a breathable lightweight mesh with 4 removable semi rigid support panels and has a removable ice, heat, and magnetic tourmaline heating pad.

The PCORE is great for Lower back support, pain relief, recovery from workouts, core activation training, and improved posture.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Small: 25″-30″ waist

Medium: 30″-35″waist

Large: 35″-40″ waist

XL: 40″-45″ waist

XXL: 45″/+ waist