sports injuries chiropractor

8 Common Sports Injuries

Sports are a big part of life in Sarasota. Because of the beautiful weather, many of us play sports recreationally to enjoy the sunshine. Our kids play on school sports teams, and we even host professional ball players during spring training. But no matter your level of skill and commitment, there is one common denominator – sports injuries occur. In fact, all sports inherently involve a risk of injury, and getting back on the field (or court) is essential.

sports injuries chiropractor

In this article, we will discuss common sports injuries and how a chiropractor can help you to heal and recover.

  1. Sprains happen when ligaments are stretched too far or become torn. Because ligaments connect bones, the injury occurs in the joint. The most common injuries of this type are ankle and wrist sprains, which can cause pain, swelling, and bruising. Typically you may also lose mobility in the area.
  2. Strains occur when there is a tear in the tendon or muscle, typically related to being pulled too far. The most common strains affect the back or hamstrings and manifest as painful swelling or spasms. As with sprains, you may experience temporary mobility impairment.
  3. Swollen muscles, when enlarged, fill a membrane called the fascia which does not expand with the muscle. This condition, known as compartment syndrome, causes the nerves and blood vessels to be subject to pressure, potentially damaging the muscle. This painful issue can result from long-term overuse of the muscle – but can also occur after a single injury.
  4. Knee injuries occur frequently in the sports world. Runners may be afflicted by runner’s knee, which causes soreness and tenderness near the knee cap, pain on the sides of your knees, or tendonitis. Knees can also sustain more severe injuries if bone bruising or cartilage and ligament damage are evident. There are four major ligaments that support the knee, and if one – or all – of them is damaged, it can sideline an athlete. Knee injuries can result from not warming up adequately or running too hard (or too often). Being hit in the knee, collisions, and twisting can also cause significant pain and injury.
  5. Shin splints are well-known to runners at all levels of proficiency. This injury manifests as pain along the tibia (shin bone) on the front of the lower leg. Shin splints generally occur when an athlete doesn’t warm up properly or stretch adequately. They can also show up because of overuse and repeated activity on hard surfaces, especially if unsupportive shoes are worn. People with flat feet are considered more vulnerable to shin splints.
  6. Fractures occur when a bone breaks, either from a sudden injury or repeated stress. In sports, an acute fracture requires emergency treatment, while a stress fracture, caused by repetitive impact may be treated with therapy. The pain associated with a stress fracture grows worse when weight bears down on the fractured area, eventually making participation impossible.
  7. The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscle to the heel, and injury to this tendon is relatively common in sports. An Achilles injury can end your season when it becomes stretched or torn due to overuse. These injuries are typically caused by overuse without proper stretching.
  8. Dislocations are serious sports injuries most often associated with contact and high-impact sports. When joint bones become separated and damage surrounding nerves, it is intensely painful. The joint must be repositioned in place, and the patient may need to wear a sling for several weeks until the swelling subsides. Rehabilitation is often necessary as it can restore your strength and range of motion.

Treating a Sports Injury

Except in the case of fractures and breaks, athletes often tend to self-treat their pain, numbness, swelling, or bruising at home. Many minor sports injuries can be effectively treated using rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

However, an experienced chiropractor can help to alleviate pain, hasten healing and assist with rehabilitation. By manipulating joints and muscles, sports massages can ease the pain and swelling related to these injuries, as well as stimulate healthy blood flow and warm up muscles – which will help optimize healing and future performance.

For those serious about sports, regular chiropractic treatment can significantly reduce the risk of injury and improve overall performance and wellness.

Whether you have been injured or want to proactively work towards prevention, contact Dr. Ryan Johnson at Integrated Chiropractic today. Dr. Johnson utilizes a unique combination of traditional methods and innovative technologies to provide targeted, personalized care to his clients.